Here you can download the resources from the Teacher Professional Development sessions:

 Whakanui Pūtaiao 12th May 2021 

2021 Rangi and Papa

Teacher Handout [DOCX, 913 KB] (DOX10 914 KB)

Invertebrate Sampling (PDF 175 KB)

Sustainability Sparklers [PDF, 866 KB] (PDF 866 KB)

Answers to Sustainability Sparklers  [DOCX, 156 KB](DOCX 157 KB)

Wetland Worksheets  [PDF, 879 KB](PDF 880 KB)

Wetland Extra Resources  [PDF, 459 KB](PDF 460 KB)

Leaf Bingo [PDF, 1.5 MB] (PDF 1575 KB)

Māori use of Leaves  [PDF, 1.5 MB](PDF 1539 KB)


Science in Sound - 12th March 2020

Many thanks to Doug Walker - Capital City Science Educators, for collaborating on this session. 

Ideas and  Activities for National Primary Science Week 2020 [PPTX, 5.5 MB] (PPTX 5.49MB)



Climate Change Resource Kit - 8th August 2019

climatechangeThank you to Prof. James Renwick, and Enviroschools for the following resource links.


Climate Change - The Science (James Renwick) - (PPTX 22MB)

Approaching Teaching and Learning about Climate Change (Enviroschools) - (PPTX 2MB)



Digital Technology in the Classroom - 4th November 2018

pdpic2Thank you to Pravin Vaz for this resource


Digital Technology Notes [PDF, 301 KB] (PDF 300 KB)






















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