Why has Hutt City Council established Hutt Science?

Lower Hutt's economy is changing. Today the city boasts a growing number of technology businesses.

We are the home to significant science- and health-based organisations that grow our local and national economy.  But far too few New Zealanders are preparing to take advantage of the exciting career and entrepreneurial opportunities that are available in these organisations. Like the rest of New Zealand, we are facing a shortage of people who are skilled in science and technology.

Hutt City Council is committed to transforming Lower Hutt into one of New Zealand's leading economic growth centres based on science, engineering and technology. To do this, we need to engage our young people in science at an early stage and grow their interest through their school years, so that many take up further education and come to work for one of our world-leading science companies or even establish their own.

To this end, we established Hutt Science - an initiative which links schools and students with science and technology in the Hutt.

Our objectives:

  • To support student engagement and achievement in science and technology, with the goal of inspiring more young people from Hutt Valley schools to go on to further education and employment in this exciting field.

  • To enrich science education in Lower Hutt by creating the conditions for innovative and productive networking across the education, science and technology communities.

Our focus:

  • learn, teach and promote science, technology and engineering subjects
  • be a resource centre for schools and students
  • provide contact between school students and working scientists and their employees.

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