Here you can download the resources from the Teacher Professional Development sessions

Digital Technology in the Classroom - 4th November 2018

pdpic2Thank you to Pravin Vaz for this resource


Digital Technology Notes [PDF, 301 KB] (PDF 300 KB)














Ideas and Activities for National Primary Science Week - 4th May 2017 



Primary Science Week Presentation [PDF, 1.1 MB] (PDF 1.06 MB)







Teaching Literacy and Numeracy through Science - 2nd March 2017

PDThank you to Carol Brieseman for these resources.


Session Power Point [PPTX, 5.3 MB] (PPTX 5.4 MB)

Observational Drawing 1 [DOC, 22 KB] (DOC 22 KB)

Observational Drawing 2 [DOC, 23 KB] (DOC 23 KB)

Question Prompts [PDF, 324 KB] (PDF 324 KB)

Think-See-Wonder-Connect [DOCX, 26 KB] (DOC 27 KB)





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