Wednesday 9th August

Two new kits in one hit plus an amazing extra!!!

House of Science has replaced its "Rock my World" kit with two new ones separating the Earth Science into two. These kits both contain the best from Rock My World with exciting and engaging new activities

Come along and get "hands-on" with some of the amazing activities and also share in an Augmented Reality session with a Geoscientist from GNS using an amazing "Sandbox". This brings Earth Science to life and quite literally puts it in the hands of students.  Also get an update about new opportunities being offered to support science in schools from House of Science NZ.

Our planet is our home and it has formed into what it is today through millions of years of processes and events. It's not simply the third rock from the sun, in fact the view of our planet as a rock completely misses its living and evolving nature. An understanding of how the many features of the landscape have formed is essential in understanding what is happening under our feet and what we can expect in the future.

We need to live with the powerful forces of nature and understanding them is an important step in learning to prepare and protect ourselves and make informed and sensible decisions around our place on Earth. 




 Wednesday 9th August 4.00 pm - 5:30pm


Dowse Art Museum (James Coe 2) 45 Laings Rd. Lower Hutt


Free to all teaching staff (children are very welcome) Afternoon tea provided


To register: https://forms.gle/1BmjML8pu8EurQFc8 


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